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xCs Taunts

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Taunts from xCs clan WhatsApp group, Discord server, Phone calls and TeamSpeak featuring various xCs members.NOTE: If you are on Windows XP do not play these taunts on Windows Media Player because it adds code to taunt and makes your game crash when you hear them in game. Use VLC media player instead.
01-43 default tauntsComplete List of all Taunts:44 Shut the **** up kid, you literally look like a ****ing ,you stupid ass, big forehead ass, stupid ****ing **** ****.45 Toothpaste eating ass ****, silence.46 Yo Shut the **** you ****ing call center working ass ****ing phone scamming ass, ****ing looking ****, ****.47 Listen here you ****ing rat tooth looking ****, if you talk **** again you gonna have no ****ing rat teeth left, ****.48 Hahaha XDDDDDD49 I ****ing hate that ****ing samir, ****.50 Only one person i hate more than this Javier, thats ****ing Samir ****51 Big benchod Gandu this Saad52 Alirezaaaa ohohoh53 Angry noises54 Angry noises 255 Angry noises 3 Scream56 You making me mad57 So ****ing mad now58 Arghhh59 Aye aye aye ayeeeee60 Benchod61 'something' Benchod62 Call me again i will beat you the **** up you ****ing goofy ass kid63 I stab your face camp, motherfker64 Hey Spencer, you piece of **** motherfker65 Yo Madmoud **** come talk ****, you wont, ****.66 Hello, Bh Totoro.67 Shut the **** up you ****ing simp you dont ****ing tell me what to do68 Covid69 Chungus 170 Chungus 271 Chungus 372 Chungus 473 Chungus 574 Eating Sugar? No papa75 Telling lies? No papa76 ****ing dog77 We follow your mom annnd your cousin78 ****79 **** you80 Gandu81 Gandu 282 Gandu 383 Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Spend ten racks on a new chain, My **** love do cocaine84 Despacito85 Happy birthday motherfker, Happy birthday dear motherfker, Happy motherkfer you motherkfer, happy birthday motherfker86 'Singing in spanish'87 'Singing in spanish' 288 'Singing in Urdu'89 'Singing in Urdu' 290 I ****ing love Pakistan91 ****ing love Pakistan... Gandu92 Barking93 Spazzing94 Spazzing 295 Listen up kids96 Listen97 Nikka98 Question mark, stupids99 Shut the **** up100 Shut the **** up 2101 Shut the **** up you ****ing faggot 3102 Shut the **** up you pesky ass skinny ass ugly ass goofy ass **** 4103 Shut the **** up 5104 Shut the **** up 6105 Shut the **** up camp you dumb motherfker ****106 Stupid American ****107 Stupid feggot108 Baby, tonight's like fuego109 You motherfker110 When big dogs talking you shut the **** up goofy ass kid 1111 When big dogs talking you shut the **** up you piece of **** motherfking goofy ass **** 2112 When big dogs talking you shut the **** up 3113 When big dogs talking you shut the **** up x3 4114 When big dogs talking you shut the **** up 5115 When big dog talk you shut the **** up 6116 When big dog talks 7117 Stupid motherfker **** why ran118 Incomprehensible noises119 I ****ing hate Moe, Moe is a ****ing piece of **** motherfker, i will beat the **** out of Moe120 XDDDDDDD121 Yoooo Mahmoud sawcon deez nuts kid122 Your mom easy kid123 My team always ****ing sucks
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